Water Tank Liner Cover Materials

AquaBloc AL

 AquaBloc AL

The standard specification for our tank covers, this material has a variety of benefits that make it the material of choice.

AquaBloc AL
  • High UV resistance
  • Porous construction, allowing rainwater to pass through
  • Very strong, allowing use under tension and durability
  • Lightweight, 220gsm, allowing for ease of installation
  • Material Specifications

    Colour – Black
    Weight (g/m2) – 220
    Construction threads/10 cm (warp/werf) – 90/68
    Breaking load kn/m MD – 34
    Breaking load kn/m CD – 30
    Elongation % MD – 25
    Elongation % CD – 15
    Water permeability L/Seconds/m2 – 35
    UV Stability (KLY) – 500

    For more information on our anti-algae cover material visit our downloads page where you can download the material specification, or contact us today to request a sample