A Range of Water Tank Liners Available from Stephens Industries

Our range of specialist water tank liners and covers – expertly prefabricated in our factory or fully cut and installed on site, are a cost effective and efficient water storage solution.

Stephens Industries have many years’ experience in competently delivering & achieving incomparable liner results; this goes for our water tank liners too. With the use of high quality and durable geomembrane, our water tank liners provide a leak free water storage system for commercial use.

A market-leading company in protecting the environment against harmful or wasteful spillage and leakages, Stephens Industries have carefully selected tank liner materials proven throughout the world for reliable water storage applications. Our water tank liner materials include: EPDM, Reinforced PVC and Butyl.

If you need to buy EPDM tank liner or PVC/Butyl water tank liners simply contact us today to enquire or find out more information regarding a water tank liner project that you may have.

Water Storage Tank Liners – Materials

0.75mm & 1.0mm ElastoSeal EPDM Tank Liner & 1.0mm WRC Butyl Tank Liner are some of the materials available here at Stephens Industries for your Water Tank Liner. View online and contact our team to discuss your requirements for tank liner material, whether it's EPDM tank liner, Butyl or another type of liner fabric for your tank, we've the expertise to build a water storage liner to meet requirements.

Water Storage Tank Liners – Design & Construction

At Stephens Industries we fabricate each water tank liner in our own factory. This means we have complete control over the water liner manufacturing process from start to finish. This means we can ensure that the tank liner is made exactly to our customer's requirements and each tank's specifications.

Water Storage Tank Liners

Over the years, we’ve had many requirements for water tank liners throughout the UK. Expertly executed and prefabricated within our Wiltshire factory, here at Stephens Industries, we continuously recommend and use the best materials for tank lining. Because of climate change and the growing demand for water, we offer tank liners in hope to reduce this burden that is continuously developing. For more information…

Water Tank Covers

An ever present threat to the use of Water Storage Tanks is the growth of algae – because of tanks having direct sunlight. Here at Stephens Industries, we recommend and are providers of water tank covers alongside our tank liner range. Greatly improving the water quality, we use aquaBLOC AL which has great properties to prevent bacteria and dirt...