Butyl Pond Liner

Butyl Pond Liner is known for its extreme properties

Butyl Pond Liner is known for its extreme properties which make it one of the most efficient liner materials currently on the market. With properties such as high flexibility, weldability and is adaptable to stretch to custom shapes (without compromising the quality), here at Stephens Industries we offer a selected range of butyl liners – perfect for many projects throughout the UK.

WRC Butyl Liner by Stephens Industries

Being superior to liner materials including PVC and EPDM, butyl pond liners are often used where budget isn’t of concern or where the client requires lining materials that withhold any damage from its environment and surroundings. With butyl pond liner mainly used for box welded liners or water storage tank liners, the properties of this material make it extra easy to manipulate without folds and creases and its thickness is greater than alternative materials.

With Butyl traditionally used in Tank Liner projects, we offer and recommend alternative materials to Butyl pond liner – which are more cost effective in creating the perfect pond whatever size, shape and budget. EPDM and PVC are more cost effective solutions we tend to use here for many ponds throughout the UK.

For all our materials available including Butyl Pond Liner, take a look through our materials page or simply contact our team who will be able to assist you with your requirements for your pond.