aquaPLAN PVC Liner

Stephens Industries aquaPLAN is a high quality Polyvinylchloride (PVC) material for use primarily where budget is of greatest concern.

Stephens Industries aquaPLAN PVC is used predominantly for small garden ponds, or water features, where size and shape are not of primary importance.

When used as a pond liner it is:

  • Very cost effective
  • Non-toxic and therefore safe for use with aquatic life
  • Resistant to UV degradation, with a life of circa 15 years

Water Feature Constructed Using aquaPLANWater feature constructed using aquaPLAN PVC Liner

aquaPLAN PVC Liner from Stephens IndustriesMaterial Specifications

  • Available in both 0.3mm and 0.5mm thicknesses
  • Stephens Industries aquaPLAN PVC is available in pre-packed sizes and roll lengths from aquatic retailers
  • It is recommended that aquaSHIELD protective matting  is always used to help protect your liner.


Due to the limited size of pond in which aquaPLAN PVC can be used, an installation service is not available with this product. aquaPLAN PVC Liner is part of our pond liner products, so for more information, please contact our sales team.