Pond Liner Repair Kits

Our pond liners are of the highest quality and as such are very tough and hard wearing, but sometimes they can still be damaged during their installation or over their life.

If your liner does become damaged with a small hole or tear it can often be repaired easily and quickly using the Stephens Industries Pond Liner Repair Kit.

The pond liner repair kit comes complete with all you need to repair your liner including:

  • A pair of disposable protective gloves for your convenience
  • A bottle of QuickPrime Plus for preparing the liner for the patch
  • A scouring pad for preparing the liner and applying the QuickPrime Plus
  • A section of QuickSeam FormFlash (on average 15cm x 20cm) for covering the damaged section
  • A roller for ensuring a thorough adhesion between the damaged liner and the QuickSeam FormFlash
  • A full list of step by step instructions on repairing your liner

Pond Liner Repair Kits from Stephens Industries
Our pond liner repair kit contains high quality components to ensure that once repaired, your liner will not be left with any weak or vulnerable points.

If you need any further information or assistance on how to repair your pond liner or where to purchase a pond liner repair kit, please contact us directly or search for your nearest retailer on this site.