Waterfall Pond Liners

Including a stream or waterfall in your pond can have a great impact on its overall look and appeal, but it’s crucial to ensure you install the correct waterfall pond liner.

A waterfall or stream can also help keep the water aerated, reducing the likelihood of bacterial growth and providing oxygen for fish and plant life. Waterfalls and streams can take any number of shapes and designs, and can be very simple to install following just a few simple steps. Your waterfall can be constructed in a variety of ways, either using the natural ground where the pond is situated, or using a purpose built arrangement of rocks or brickwork.

Stephens Liners recommend and use aquaSHIELD Protective Matting for Waterfalls and Streams:


aquaSHIELD Protective Matting is used in conjunction with the waterfall liner to protect it against sharp rock edges and perforating the liner whilst in use.



The following examples make use of purpose built arrangements, but the steps to be used are the same in almost all situations.

Step 1: Protective Matting Installation

Once the shape for the waterfall or stream has been decided on, it is essential that a layer of aquaSHIELD Protective Matting is fitted under the pond liner to ensure that the liner is protected against rocks or other sharp objects.

Waterfalls - 1) Protective Matting Installation for Pond WaterfallProtective Matting Installation

Step 2: Liner Installation

Where a waterfall or stream feeds into a pond extra care should be taken to prevent leaks.

We recommend that streams should be lined with the same material as the pond.
In the case of waterfalls the cascading water should overhang the main pond liner sufficiently so that water cannot get behind the liner.

Waterfalls - 2) Liner Installation for Pond WaterfallLiner Installation

Step 3: Joining the Liner

Rather than simply overlapping the waterfall liner into the pond, it is recommended that the waterfall liners are joined with appropriate tapes and adhesives, as shown below.

Waterfalls - 3) Joining The Liner for Pond WaterfallWaterfall liner join detail

Step 4: Decorative Finishing

Where a decorative finish is required such as the use of stones or specialist precast waterfall products, an additional layer of protective matting or lining material must be placed on top of the liner to ensure the liner does not become damaged.

Waterfalls - 4) Waterfall Matting Detail for Pond WaterfallWaterfall matting detail

Step 5: Complete

Once the lining for your stream or waterfall has been installed, the decorative finishing and any pumps etc. can be installed, ready for you to enjoy your new water feature.

Waterfalls - 5) Completion of Pond WaterfallCompleted Waterfall

Waterfalls and Stream Examples click thumbnails to view larger

If you need any further advice please do not hesitate to contact us where we will be happy to help.