Pond Liner Calculator

Here at Stephens Industries, we aid our customers throughout the UK with getting the right size materials for their requirements. To find the correct size of pond liner you require, please follow the rule-of-thumb instructions below or simply use our pond liner calculator at the bottom of this page. Measure the greatest width, greatest length and maximum depth. To calculate the size of liner you need:

Liner Width = maximum width + twice maximum depth
Liner Length = maximum length + twice maximum depth
Pond Measuring Diagram Measuring Diagram

For larger lakes and reservoirs, it is important to do a more detailed measure so that material waste is minimised.

Once the pond has been excavated it should be measured accurately by following the contour of the pond across the greatest width and greatest lengths, and allowing additional material for fixing the liner into the trench.

For further information regarding the size and shape of your pond liner and for larger sizes please contact us. Take a look through our complete pond liners section in the website to gain a better understanding of materials available and options for your project.