Pond Liner Protection

aquaSHIELD Protective Matting

It is highly recommended that all pond liners are installed with aquaSHIELD Protective Matting to prevent damage from any roots, stones and other abrasive items that have not been removed. Even if the ground conditions are good and a bed of sand is used instead, it is possible at some later date that the fine sands can be washed away by spring water or a rising water table exposing stones or roots that could damage the pond liner. Our aquaSHIELD Geotextile is rot resistant and will provide long term protection of the liner.

Securing pond liner under decorative pond edge

A second layer of matting should be placed over the pond liner where it is to be covered by topsoil, stones, bricks or ornamental features. This extra protection layer prevents any abrasion of the top surface of the liner.

Liner Protection - Securing Pond Liner Under Decorative Edge

Securing pond liner behind wall

It is recommended that protective matting is put both underneath and on top of the liner when fixing it behind a wall.

Liner Protection - Behind Wall
Protective Matting Installation Examples: