Joining Techniques

We aim to prefabricate pond liners as large as possible in our factory to minimise the number of site joins required. Often we are able to produce a single sheet of pond lining to the size required for your entire pond, resulting in no joins needed on site. However, where joins are required we supply a full range of accessories to allow you to join your liner yourself. Where appropriate, Stephens Industries offer a full installation service.

Firestone PondGard

Firestone PondGard
 pond liners are joined on site using a specially developed QuickSeam Tape System that has been proven throughout the world. This can be done by yourself using Firestone accessories, or by us as part of our installation service.

Step-By-Step Guide

For step by step instructions on joining Firestone PondGard Lining, please scroll through the images below.

Firestone PondGard Lining Joining Guide: Click thumbnails to view larger

SealEco EPDM

SealEco EPDM and Butyl pond liners are joined using a specialist Bonding Machine. As such, joining of these liners is always done in our factory before being sent to the site, or where necessary they can be joined on site.

As well as supplying flat sheet liners, Stephens Industries also produces pre-fabricated box liners which are built in our factory to size and shaped specified by your own design. Pre-fabricated box-liners often remove the need for any joins on site and can be made to any shape.

Please contact us for if you require any more details on joining techniques.