Large Domestic Garden Pond

Raised, planted island in centre of pond

Key Facts

Location: England

Type: Domestic pond, >100ft sq.

Material Used: 1.02mm Firestone PondGard & 200gsm Protective Matting

Features: Raised, planted island in centre of pond

Large Domestic Pond - 1) Ground Preparation

 Step 1 – Ground Preparation

The area to be used for the pond is dug and compacted ready for the pond installation.




 Large Domestic Pond - 2) Protective Matting LaidStep 2 – Protective Matting Laid

Protective matting is then laid across the base to protect the liner from sharp objects. Protective matting used for this installation is 200gsm non woven fibre, specifically chosen for its durability and quality.




 Large Domestic Pond - 3) Pond Liner InstallationStep 3 – Pond Liner Installation

The Firestone PondGard EPDM liner is then laid in place by our team of installers.




 Large Domestic Pond - 4) Island IntegrationStep 4 – Island Integration

During the installation any protruding features such as the island are integrated into the liner.



Large Domestic Pond - 5) Liner Fitting

Step 5 – Liner Fitting

During installation the liner is fitted tightly into design details to ensure a high quality result


Large Domestic Pond - 6) Installation Complete

Step 6 – Installation complete

The pond liner installation is complete and the pond can be filled with a standard household hosepipe