How to Secure the Box Welded Liner

Here at Stephens Liners, there are several ways we recommend that each box welded liner is successfully installed. Please find these options below. If you are unsure, please contact our friendly team who will be able to assist you with the correct accessories, liner and underlay.

1) Securing with coping

Rediliners can be supplied with an overlap (flange) that is used to secure the pond liner under coping stones or paving slabs or between brick courses. The overlap method provides a very neat edge and can be hidden from sight if the coping stones overhang the pond.


2) Securing with a termination bar

Alternatively, termination bars can be used to attach the liner to the inside wall of the pond. Structurally these fixing battens are a better way of securing the pond liner; however, the batten is normally visible.