Pipes and Drains

Take a look at the information provided below in regards of pipes and drains for Box Welded Liners projects. If you’re uncertain, please contact a member of the team today who will advise and assist you.


Pipe flange fitting


Mechanical Flange

Inlet and outlet pipes can be accommodated using pipe sleeves. These are manufactured in our factory to the specific diameter of the pipe, and then joined to the pond liner in the location where the pipe penetrates through. Pipes sleeves are sealed around the pipe to prevent leakage.Pipe flange fitting

Alternatively, a mechanical flange can be used where the liner is clamped between the two parts of the flange. A specialist water block sealant provides added protection against leaks.




Base Drain

Outlet drains in the bottom of a pond require a solid concrete base underneath the liner to provide a stable surface. The pond liner can then be mechanically fastened to a drainage pipe in the concrete base, or alternatively, a pipe sleeve can be manufactured and attached to the liner which will sit down into the drain.