Lakes – Product Overview

With a lifetime of circa 40 years, using a high quality liner when constructing a lake can help ensure that the perfect finish is achieved. Furthermore, the use of a high quality liner, like that supplied by Stephens Industries, ensures that your lake is kept watertight, while being able to be constructed to any size and shape!

The choice of the liner material to be used is often based on its application, required life of the liner, site conditions, and budget. More information on the types of liners available from Stephens Industries can be found in the materials section of this website.

Lake Liner Installations with Stephens Industries

In addition to supplying simple flat sheets of material, Stephens Industries are also able to supply pre-fabricated sheets for areas of particular complexity such as streams, waterfalls and feature areas. For more information please contact us.

Lake Liner Brands Available…

As well as a comprehensive product range, Stephens Industries also has a team of experienced site operators that are able to install our products throughout the UK.