Firestone 1.14mm Geomembrane

Firestone 1.14mm Geomembrane has all the features and benefits of 1.02mm Firestone EPDM Liner; with the increased benefit of even greater strength due to its extra thickness.

This increased strength makes Firestone 1.14mm Geomembrane the recommended material for applications where the liner will be used in particularly arduous conditions, such as where the ground is very rough, or where the water may contain damaging substances.

Firestone 1.14mm Geomembrane is usually found in agricultural and industrial applications, such as dirty water lagoons, slurry lagoons and irrigation reservoirs.

Reservoir constructed using Firestone 1.14mm GeomembraneReservoir constructed using Firestone 1.14mm Geomembrane

Material Specifications

  • Firestone 1.14mm Geomembrane material is suitable for lakes & lagoons to be used for agricultural and industrial applications.
  • We can supply Firestone 1.14mm Geomembrane as cut sheets, in widths 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50ft up to 100ft long
  • Firestone 1.14mm Geomembrane liners of up to 1100 m² (e.g. 120ft x 100ft; 36.5m x 30.5m) can be joined in our factory and supplied as a single sheet, or installed by us for even larger applications
  • More detailed product information, such as product data sheets, can be found in the downloads section of this website.

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