Measuring the Lake

It is essential to measure your lake accurately

In order to know how much liner and protective matting you will need to line your lake it is essential to measure your lake accurately.

For all lakes we suggest that we carry out a site survey to accurately measure the size of the lake, and therefore ensure that the right amount of liner is supplied; reducing the risk of material wastage.

A detailed site survey can be carried out once the lake has been excavated. It should be measured accurately by following the contour of the lake across the greatest width and greatest lengths, and allowing additional material for fixing the liner into the trench.

The below formula and calculator can be used to determine an estimated amount of liner required, however this will not be as accurate as a liner size calculation obtained from detailed drawings or a site visit.

How to obtain an estimated liner size

Measure the greatest width, greatest length and maximum depth. To calculate the size of liner you need:

Liner Width = maximum width + twice maximum depth
Liner Length = maximum length + twice maximum depth

Lake Measuring Diagram

For further information on how to accurately measure your lake, or to arrange a site survey, please contact us directly where we will be happy to help.