Decorative Lake Construction

Key Facts

Location: England
Type: Domestic lake, >10,000m sq.
Material Used: 1.00mm Firestone EPDM & 300gsm Protective Matting
Features: Raised island in centre of lake
Time to install:6 Days
Decorative Lake Construction - 1) Ground Preparation

Stage 1: Ground Preparation

Prior to the liner installation the lake is excavated to the required dimensions




Decorative Lake Construction - 2) Anchor Trench

Stage 2: Anchor Trench

During ground preparation an anchor trench is dug. This will be used to hold the edges of the liner in place




Decorative Lake Construction - 3) Matting Installation

Stage 3: Matting Installation

Once the ground has been prepared the protective matting is laid to prevent any damage from earth material to the line



Stage 4: Liner Installation

Decorative Lake Construction - 4) Liner Installation

Once the matting has been laid the liner is installed over the top. This overflows into the trench where it will be anchored securely





Stage 5: Seam JoiningDecorative Lake Construction - 5) Seam Joining

During the installation any seams between liner sheets are securely joined using specialist tapes and adhesives




Stage 6: Feature IncorporationDecorative Lake Construction - 6) Feature Incorporation

During the installation any features, in this instance a large central island, are incorporated into the lake line




Stage 7: Feature IncorporationDecorative Lake Construction - 7) Feature Incorporation

As can be seen, features of this nature are incorporated precisely into the liner for maximum visual impact



Stage 8: Installation CompleteDecorative Lake Construction - 8) Installation Complete

The lake liner installation is now complete after just 6 days, leaving a high quality, durable and visually impacting lake