Lake Liners & Lake Liner Materials

The use of a high quality and durable lake liner can help you achieve the best possible finish, whether it’s for a decorative lake at your home or business, or for a functional irrigation lagoon/ reservoir.

Here at Stephens Liners, we’ve been manufacturing, supplying and installing lake liners and reservoir lining for many years. Providing our large client base and customers with the most cost effective solutions to their lake lining requirements is something we pride ourselves upon.

From an initial discussion, our highly experienced staff members take your ideas and concepts from paper to practice to fulfil the demands for many lake liner projects throughout the UK.

Being specialist fabricators, we use a variety of materials to fabricate lake liners to bespoke plans and sizes. Dependant on the size of your budget, project and required life expectancy, our materials include: Firestone and SealEco.

For more information or to discuss the options and choice of lake liners in further detail, please contact us on 01225 810 324 or enquire online today.


The use of a high-quality lake liner from Stephens Industries can ensure the perfect finish is achieved. Able to construct to any size or shape, our team work with you to accomplish the goals you require for your lake or reservoir project. Choosing from a range of lake liner materials, dependent on the size, budget and required life of the liner…

Liner Materials

Stephens Industries fabricates lake liners from a variety of materials. The choice of material used is often based on its application, required size and shape, required life, and project budget. Use the information in this section to help guide you to the right material selection, for any more advice or information please contact us.

Design & Construction

The correct design of your lake will ensure that the construction goes as smoothly as possible, done on time and budget. During the lakes’ design, you will need to determine what liner you will need to use as well as any extras such as inlet pipe sleeves. In this section we will help make those choices easier.

Case Studies

Over the years Stephens Industries Lake Liners have been used in hundreds of lakes. Here you are able to take a look at some of the projects made using our liners, gain inspiration, installation insight, and practical tips and advice.

Lake Installation

Here at Stephens Industries, we’ve collated many years’ experience in installing an array of liner materials for projects including: ponds, lakes, swimming ponds, lagoons and reservoirs. Being in the industry for over57 years, we believe strongly that synthetic rubber such as EPDM and Butyl are the best materials for any project. With its average lifetime spanning 40 years, it’s the most cost effective solution for a variety of applications throughout the UK. Of course there are cheaper alternatives, but...