Materials Used for Silage Protection

Stephens Industries Silage Protection Sheets are constructed using Genatex 1000. This material is proven to excel in providing a durable and lightweight solution to protecting silage sheets; replacing the need for large volumes of tyres.

Genatex 1000

Genatex 1000 Silage Protection Sheet

  • Excellent UV resistance, prevents cracking
  • Very strong silage covers due to product make-up
  • Allows wind to pass through woven structure without lifting the silage sheet or gaining access to the silage store
  • Extremely flexible allowing the sheet to follow the contours of the silage and surrounding area easily
  • The silage covers are easily foldable for storage when not in use
  • Lightweight allowing ease of installation, as well as the ability to re-open to gain access/ add to the silage clamp with minimal effort

Available Sizes:Covered Silage Clamp

10m x 10m
12m x 10m
9m x 15m
10m x 15m
12m x 15m
12m x 20m

Other sizes are available on request, and can be manufactured in our factory. Please contact us for more information

Gravel BagsGravel Bags in Use

Gravel bags are used along the edges of the Genatex 1000 sheets to hold them in place along joins and edges.

  • Produced using Genatex 1000 material ensuring a long lasting, durable bag
  • 1.2m in length, complete with a handle at one end and a pull tie at the other for ease of use and handling
  • Recommended to be filled with pea gravel to provide adequate weight, however other material can be used

For more information regarding Genatex 1000 Silage Protection Sheets or to discuss your requirements in further detail, please get in touch with a member of the team today.