Installation Guide for Silage Protection Sheets

Installation Guide

In order to prevent surface loss it is essential that Genatex 1000 sheets are kept taut and in contact with the polythene silage sheet, and in turn therefore, the silage.

Gravel bags are the ideal way to maintain a close contact between the Genatex 1000 sheet and the polythene silage sheet. These bags are 1.2m long and are equipped with a pull tie at one end and a handle at the other.

Silage Clamp Sheet

Installation Stages:

  1. Cover the clamp in polythene in the normal way to ensure a good seal
  2. Lay the Genatex 1000 sheet over the polythene sheet as flat and taut as possible, allowing the sheet to overlap each other by around 500mm where applicable
  3. Use gravel bags around the sides and across joins to hold the sheet in place
  4. If there are hollows in the surface of the silage, place gravel bags in them to ensure that the sheets remain in contact with the silage
  5. On areas where the sheets cannot be kept tight, such as the ramp, more gravel bags should be used
  6. If the clamp is in a particularly exposed area, it is advised to place extra rows of gravel bags across the clamp
  7. In the first few weeks, as the silage settles, check the Genatex 1000 sheets regularly and pull tight as necessary
  8. Once the clamp has been emptied, fold up the Genatex 1000 sheets and store in the barn or shed. If needed, clean with a jet of water

Gravel Bags

Gravel bags are best filled with pea-gravel and are used to secure the edges and joins between sheets, and where needed for additional protection.