Silage Protection Sheets

The requirement for the efficient production of high quality silage is more important today than ever before. Our Silage Protection Sheets provide a modern solution to silage preservation.
Traditional methods of securing silage clamps with hundreds of tyres laid on top of a silage sheet covers is extremely time and energy demanding upon labour throughout the use of the clamp. Furthermore, the tyres themselves can degrade over time resulting in hazardous material, such as the wire within the tyre, falling into the silage clamp and being consumed by livestock.

Silage Clamp Using Genatex 1000Stephens Industries Genatex 1000 silage protection sheet is a high quality, woven, polyethylene sheet that provides an easy to use solution to silage clamp protection at reduced cost.

The Genatex 1000 sheet is designed to fit securely on top of the polyethylene silage covers, held securely in place with the use of gravel bags.
Once fitted the silage sheet cover provides excellent protection against bird and animal damage, reduces air spoilage to the silage, and increases silage production efficiency as the highly flexible sheet adapts to the contours of the silage.Gravel Bags used for Securing

Due to the woven nature of the Genatex 1000 sheet, wind is unable to lift the sheet, as it can with others, resulting in fewer gravel bags required, while maintaining brilliant strength and UV resistance.

“Sheeting the clamp has never been easier. Covering the silo with tyres is everyone’s least favourite job.”

Charles Honey, Charfield

Benefits of using Genatex 1000 as a Silage Cover:

  • 20 years of proven service as a solution to protecting silage sheets and silage
  • Time and Cost Saving – no large quantities of tyres to heave on and off
  • No storage problems – sheets fold easily for storage
  • Protects against bird damage
  • Protects polythene silage sheet – minimum air spoilage
  • Clamp can be easily re-opened for additional cuts
  • Fully re-usable – 7 years warranty against UV degradation
  • No more risk of ‘wire’ in livestock feed from degrading tyres

Open Silage Clamp

Open Silage Clamp

For more information, or to get a quote for a silage protection sheet please get in touch.