AquaBloc LF Lagoon Cover

Our AquaBloc LF covers are part of our Lagoon Covers range here at Stephens Industries. Used for water storage tanks and lagoons, they reduce evaporation and improve overall water quality.AquaBloc Used As a Floating Cover AquaBloc LF Floating Cover

AquaBloc AL Liner

Stephens Industries AquaBloc LF lagoon cover is a high performance floating cover designed to prevent the growth of algae and increase overall water quality.

The cover also greatly reduces the volume of water lost through evaporation, while the composition of the material allows for rainwater to filter through it.

Benefits of AquaBloc LF:

  • High UV resistant material
  • Prevents up to 90% of water evaporation
  • Blocks light, preventing algae blooms
  • Securely fitted to prevent “drifting”

As the demand on water resources continue to grow the investment in a lagoon cover makes sound commercial and environmental sense.

For any more information on our AquaBloc LF cover, to request a material sample, or for any other queries, please contact us today where we will be happy to help you further.