Pipe Details


It is essential that any pipes or outlets probing through the irrigation lagoon liner are sealed correctly.

The best and most straight-forward method for rubber irrigation lagoon liners is to cut a hole in the liner, usually 50% of the diameter of the pipe and then stretch the liner over the pipe. The irrigation lagoon liner can then be clamped in place and closed using high-quality and specialist tapes such as Firestone QuickSeam FormFlash. This method is shown in the diagram below, and is the most common process of incorporating pipes into an irrigation lagoon liner.



A flange fitting can be used to integrate the pipe in some instances. This type of fitting is most commonly used when the irrigation lagoon includes a wall.

What is a flange fitting? A flange fitting uses a mechanical flange to clamp the liner between the two parts of the flange. For added protection, a Water Block Sealant can be used.

If you require more information about your project where pipes are included within irrigation lagoon liners, please contact our team.

Flange Fitting Diagram