It is crucial to measure your lagoon correctly to ensure that you are confident of the scale and size. This is to be aware of precisely how much irrigation lagoon liner and protective matting you will need for your lagoon.

To acquire an accurate figure for the size irrigation lagoon liner that your lagoon will require, a range of factors need to be considered:

  • Length of the lagoon
  • Width of the lagoon
  • Depth of the lagoon
  • Angle of the lagoon banks

Once these factors are established; the size of the irrigation lagoon liner necessary can be planned with no complications. The liner size will also need to include further material for the sake of the security into the anchor trench.

Here at Stephens Industries we take precise sizes of the lagoon to ensure the irrigation lagoon liner supplied is of the correct measurement, we do this via a full site survey service.

If you require further information on measuring the size of your lagoon, or wish to arrange a site survey, please contact us.