Joining the Irrigation Liner

Here at Stephen’s Liners our goal is to accumulate irrigation lagoon liners to a scale as large as possible in our factory to reduce the number of site joins required. Often, no joins are needed on site because we are able to produce a single sheet of lining to the size of your entire lagoon.

If a join is obligatory, our highly skilled team of expertise here at Stephens Industries will swiftly be able to join a number of sheets together on site securely and efficiently. Joins are able to be fabricated on site with Firestone and Elastoseal EPDM material.

Irrigation Joining Firestone On-Site

Joining Firestone

The material of Firestone has the advantage of the ability to join on site using a simple glue and tape structure. The results of these joins are extremely stable and the system discards any requirement for electricity on site.




Irrigation Joining EPDM on-site


Joining Elastoseal EPDM

While this system does require the running of electricity, it can also be joined on site through use of a portable HF welder, absolutely guaranteed to produce great quality joins.

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