Irrigation Lagoon Liners

Lagoon Liners Available from Stephens Industries

Irrigation Lagoon Liners are made with extreme durability and resistance to UV and many chemicals that may come into contact with the liner at any point. Having long-standing and non-toxic properties, our lagoon lining materials used here at Stephens Industries are picked using criteria to ensure they are as eco-friendly and usable as possible. With the combination of continual climate change and a growing demand for water, increasing pressure is being put on existing resources – This is where our liners can play a part.

Water reservation makes commercial and environmental sense. More and more, farms are moving towards water self-sufficiency and this is where our lagoon liners play a major part. Stephens Industries are leading fabricators and installation specialists for many lagoons and reservoir lining requirements. The installation of a well-designed irrigation lagoon can ensure that any seasonal water shortages, that could jeopardise irrigation and husbandry, has little or no impact on your business.

Irrigation Lagoon Liner install by Stephens IndustriesNursery Irrigation Lagoon

Here at Stephens Industries, our knowledge in liquid containment and overseeing many successful installations of lagoons, reservoirs, and tanks are greater than your average liner specialist. Choosing from either Firestone EPDM or Elasto EPDM to fit the requirements of your project – dependant on the scale, size and budget.

Being specialist lagoon, tanks, and reservoir lining fabricators and suppliers, with over 60 years’ experience in liquid containment and successful installations, Stephens Industries is the water storage partner of choice. Contact us directly on 01225 810 324 to discuss our range of lagoon liners and any requirements you may have.

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