Materials: Slurry Lagoon Installations

For slurry storage liners, we have carefully selected two materials both of which have been proven throughout the world for slurry store applications; Firestone and Fecatex. The liners can be supplied in very large panels, over 1,000m2 for the client or contractor to install. Alternatively, for larger or more complicated projects we offer a full installation service.

 Firestone 1.14mm
Firestone 1.14mm available from Stephens Industries

Firestone Slurry Liners

  • Available 1.14mm EPDM Liner
  • Excellent UV resistance, prevents cracking and improves liner life
  • 40-year life expectancy
  • 300% elasticity, easily accommodates ground movement
  • Liners up to 1100 sq. metres in a single sheet, factory seamed.
  • Easily repaired, no specialist equipment needed
  • Seams are covered in a specialist Flashing Material to give even greater protection against possible leakages

Slurry Lagoon completed with Firestone 1.14mmSlurry lagoon completed with Firestone 1.14mm

Fecatex 1.00mm available from Stephens Industries

Fecatex Slurry Liners

  • Available in 1.00mm
  • Fecatex is a specially formulated PVC material designed specifically for slurry applications
  • Tested and approved by Dutch Authorities KIWA for slurry stores
  • Liners up to 3000 sq. metres in a single sheet, factory seamed
  • Fast installation time, often completed in one day
  • Easy to repair
  • Specialist prefabricated “witches hat” pipe sleeve

Fecatex 1.00mm

 Slurry lagoon completed with Fecatex 1.00mmSlurry lagoon completed with Fecatex 1.00mm

300gsm Protective Matting available from Stephens Industries

Protective Matting

Stephens Industries protective matting is a superior quality, non-woven polypropylene Geotextile protective matting used to prevent your liner being damaged whilst being installed and during its use.

Protective matting is highly recommended in all lagoons as it protects your liner from being damaged by stones, roots and other sharp objects.

Protective matting is compatible with all liner materials.

300gsm Protective Matting

Protective matting is completely rot, UV and weather resistant, making it extremely safe for all lake and marine life.

For more information on our slurry lagoon materials please visit our downloads section, or contact us directly if you wish to receive a material sample.