Measuring the Dirty Water Lagoon

In order to know how much liner and protective matting you will need to line your lagoon it is essential to measure the lagoon accurately.To obtain an accurate figure for the size liner that your slurry store will require, a number of factors need to be considered:

  • Length of the lagoon
  • Width of the lagoon
  • Depth of the lagoon
  • Angle of the lagoon banks

Once you have determined the above figures, the required liner size can be calculated with relative ease. The liner size will also need to incorporate additional material for securing into the anchor trench.

At Stephens Industries we offer a full site survey service, during which we will take accurate measurements of the lagoon to ensure the liner quoted for and supplied is of the required size.

For more information on measuring your lagoon, or to arrange a site survey, please contact us direct.