Joining The Slurry Liner

We aim to prefabricate lagoon liners as large as possible in our factory to minimise the number of site joins required. Often we are able to produce a single sheet of lining to the size required for your entire lagoon, resulting in no joins needed on site.Where joins are required our highly experienced installation team will be able to quickly and securely join multiple sheets together on site. Joins are able to be constructed on site with both Firestone and Fecatex material.

Stephens Industries Team Joining Firestone On-Site

Joining Firestone on site

Firestone material has the added benefit of being able to be joined on site using a tape & glue system. The resulting joins are incredibly strong and the system removes any need for electricity on site.

Fecatex can also be joined on site, however this is done by using a hot air/ wedge welder.

For more information regarding joining techniques or about our lining materials, please contact our team.