Slurry Lagoon Liner

Slurry Liner Materials available from Stephens Industries

Slurry Lagoon Liners are used in the agricultural industry for the containment of animal waste such as manure. With Stephens Industries offering slurry and dirty water lagoon liners for many years, we are able to offer solutions for many clients and customers throughout the UK. Pollution of surface or groundwater by livestock slurry or dirty water poses a serious environmental threat. A long-lasting geomembrane liner for your slurry lagoon ensures leak free storage, protecting the environment and your water source.

Completed Slurry Installation from Stephens IndustriesCompleted slurry installation

Our slurry lagoon liners are fabricated from accredited materials that meet the high standards set by the Environment Agency for slurry storage. Unlike clay based solutions which can crack and leak under varied weather conditions, our Firestone Geomembrane liners are impermeable, highly flexible and resistant to chemical and environmental degradation for circa 40 years. We also stock Fecatex PVC Slurry Lagoon Liners which hold high resistance to weather fluctuations, is easy to repair and has been tested and approved by Dutch Authorities KIWA for slurry stores.

With all of our slurry lagoon liners we install here at Stephens Industries, we also recommend Protective Matting to be placed under the liner to shield damage from sharp rocks, stones and roots.

On this site you can also view previous installations of slurry lagoon liners and further information on our high quality slurry-resistant materials used throughout all our projects.

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